Ventil PreVenTest    

Ventil welcomes all PreVenTest users for a training at the PreVenTest training facility in Houston TX, USA. With this training, Ventil underlines the importance of equipping operators with the full understanding, key knowledge and best experience before taking use of the Ventil PreVenTest system.

The PreVenTest In-Situ test system is an easy and user friendly system, but the demanding conditions on-site may complicate matters. The operator must be in full control, achieving the most accurate test results, understanding the influences of the process conditions, process fluids and valve characteristics.

The comprehensive 1 or 2 days training course combines class room based theory with hands-on experience and system operations. Besides the use and control of the PreVenTest hard- & software, the trainees will experience all kinds of different situations that can occur in the plant during In-Situ testing. From a failing test to a PSV that is not reseating after the test.



Please contact us for more detailed information and planning.