• HC2-BST Bellow Tester

  • For testing tightness of the safety valve bellows

  Bellow Tester H2-BST    
The Ventil HC2-BST Bellow Tester is a simple, but clever and handy system for testing tightness of the safety valve bellows. The universal HC2-BST is completed with a manually operated clamping system and adjustable overhead bridge to keep the bellow in a steady and safe position during the test sequence. A set of adapters accommodates the clamping and testing of a wide range of bellows. After positioning and clamping, the bellow is filled up with water, while the test chamber is being pressurized with compressed air to visualize a possible leakage. 

Delivery time : If not available from stock, 6-8 weeks
Price : on request
Download specification sheet here