• A unique combined test system for testing valves

  PSV Test unit VC25-SRV-FL-II    

The VC25-SRV-FL-II test stand combines all good aspects of the standard VC25-SRV with a high volume test facility for testing Pressure Safety Valves in accordance with the API / ASME standards. The VC25-SRV-FL-II is completed with a test circuit for testing safety valves, in both in Gas and Liquid service.

A combination of accumulators arranged through an manifold with 2"piping creates a J-tube shaped pattern. This design allows achieving a sharp pop or even bring the valve into full lift, while having enough capacity for safe 'cushioning'and correct reseating.

The test unit features a hydraulic operated 3-Claw or 4-Claw clamping system, design for quick clamping of relief valves with flanged and thread connections. The VC25-SRV-FL-II can be completed with a wide variety of optional features to adapt the test unit to your specific needs and application.


Standard features:

√ 3-Claw clamping system.
√ Low volume test line for quick pressure setting / leak testing.
√ High volume test facility 32 gallon with 2” full bore test connection and J tube pattern.
√ Gas and liquid testing.
√ Stainless steel water sump / reservoir.
√ Bubble counter according to API527.
√ Stainless steel control panel.

√ Computer registration system(CRS).
√ Full surrounding safety closure.
√ Safety Interlock system preventing release of claws when pressurized.
√ Skid mounted
√ Delivered ready for use.


√ High Pressure air Compressor.
√ 3-Claw or 4-Claw clamping system

Delivery time : if not available from stock, 6-8 weeks
Price : on request



Standard: Safety Closure