• Valve test units

  • for both gas and liquid service

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  VC25-SRV: range 1/2 - 10" - 25 metric ton  -  VC40-SRV: range 1/2 - 16" - 40 metric ton  
The Ventil VC25-SRV and VC40-SRV Pressure Relief Valve test units are designed and equipped for both Gas and Liquid service. The test unit allow set pressure testing /setting in compliance with API576 and seat leakage testing and measuring according  to API527. The test systems are completed with an accumulator / test vessel to comply with the international test standards and working methods. 

The universal and versatile test units feature a hydraulic operated 3-claw clamping system, designed for quick and safe clamping of safety valves with flanged or thread connections. The VC25-SRV and VC40-SRV can be completed with a wide variety of optional features to adapt the test unit to your specific needs and application.

Standard features

√ 3 claw clamping system.
√ Computerregistration system(CRS).
√ Stainless steel water control panel.
√ Stainless steel water sump / reservoir.
√ Gas and liquid testing.
√ Bubble counter according to API527.
√ Stainless steel control panel.
√ Safety closure, safety light, two hand operations.
√ Interlock system preventing release of claws when pressurised.
√ Skid mounted for portablity
√ Delivered ready for use.


√ Compressor system for generating high pressure air.
√ Auto test system auto control of ramp rate to meet ASME specification.
√ Portable grinding/ lapping unit

Delivery time : If not available from stock, 6-8 weeks
Price : on request

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Download VC25-SRV / VC40-SRV Brochure