• Vertical operating test units

  • For any type of valve

  Test Unit Model: 'VCB'  
The Vertical operating test unit 'VCB' is completed with a heavy constructed clamping system for quick and easy positioning and clamping of all common Shut-off valves in vertical position (valve stem horizontal).

The universal and versatile VCB is very well designed and equipped for the use in the valve repair shop or for smaller series testing. The standard VCB is completed with sealing adapters for DIN/ANSI RF flanges, but is also prepared for the use of 'inner seal' adapters for valves with But- / Socket weld ends.

The VCB Clamping system can be used for; Clamping on the inlet flange only The flanged valve is clamped on the inlet flange only, keeping the outlet fully open for visual inspection and actual locating of the seat leakage. Clamping between the clamping tables The valve is clamped between 2 clamping tables for both body- and seat testing. This method is also applied for clamping and testing valves with But weld / Socket weld or Threaded ends.








Max. Clamping force

[metric tons]


Distance between
the columns

Distance between
the sealing adapter

Low pressure gast test


High pressure liguid test system



½-6" 5 14" 0-20"

0-100 PSI
other gas test systems
up to 15,000 PSI available on request

0-6,000 PSI
Other liquid test systems
up to 40,000 PSI available on request


½-10" 30 18" 0-30"


½-16" 30 28" 0-40"


1-16" 50 28" 0-40"


2-24" 100 40" 0-44"
VCB200 2-48" 200 ton 40" 0-60"


 * Other VCB's up to 4000 metric tons - range up to 120" are available on request.


Smaller, larger or special applications are available on request.

Optional features:

√ CR - Windows operated Computer Registrations System.
√ Vacuum – quick filling system, electronic controlled.
√ AVPS – Test- and operation systems for actuators.
√ Digital seat leakage measuring systems for gas and liquid.
√ Torque test and measuring system 0 - 500,000 Nm.
√ Fully surrounding safety closure.