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The V-TEC NR 10 PSV workstation is the complete solution for safe and efficient (dis) assembly of Pressure Safety Valves. 
The NR-10 exists of a ridged base structure with 3-Jaw Chuck for clamping a PSV on the inlet nozzle.
The versatile NR-10 workstation is designed and equipped for 2 basic purposes;
√ The operator has full surrounding access for (dis)assembling and inspection of the PSV
√ ‘Back breaking’ use of long pipe ends for (un)screwing the Nozzle is no longer needed with the high torque drive system, connected to the clamping system


√ Range: ½ - 10" (larger sizes available on request)

√ Normal torque: 4200 Nm.

√ Peak torque: 8400 Nm.

√ Dimension: (L) 1540 X (W) 895 (H) 1500 mm / 700 KG - (L) 60 X (W) 35 (H) 60 Inch / 1550 LBS

√ Connection: 3 ph 380-400V + zero + ground

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The V-TEC V-RAT is ad robust trolley for transporting Shut-off and Control valves in a safe and efficient way. It can be used for internal transport of new valves or serve as a safe and effective basis for transporting the valve through the overhaul loop.

 The V-RAT can even be used for working on the valve, like for example seat grinding or the mounting and adjusting valve-controls. The Trolley is completed with one fixed V-block and one horizontally adjustable V-block. Both V-blocks are completed with the ratchet straps for easily fixing the valve on the flanges or pipe ends. The set of small and large PE bins can be used to store valve parts and components.

The V-RAT Valve Trolley can be used for any valve which can be safely positioned and clamped on the V-blocks and has a maximum weight of 750 KG


√ Dimensions: (L) 48 X (B) 32 X (H) 45 Inch
√ Weight: 187 lbs
√ The V-RAT is delivered in a set of 5 pieces.

  Ventil PP 1       

The Ventil pneumatic test and control panel PP-1 is specially designed for testing and 'stroking' pneumatic operated valve positioners and control valves. The PP-1 is build in a rugged steel case for on-site and in-shop use.
The PP-1 has 2 independent pressure control systems with dedicated regulators, gauges and quick coupler connection.

√ The 115 PSI system is used for controlling the air supply pressure to the control valve.

√ The 30 PSI system is used for adjustment the valve positioner.

The Ventil PP-1 requires to be connected to an external utility / shop air supply source, maximum pressure 145 PSI.
The inlet line is completed with 1/4" connector, filter / strainer unit and 145 PSI pressure gauge.

  Ventil PP 2       

Compact, bench top control panel for testing and operating Control valves and other actuator controlled valves.

The PP2 is completed with;

√ Control valve seat leakage test system, completed with pressure regulator, block/release valve, quick coupler connection, flow meters 2.5 & 50 l/min and pressure gauge 145 PSI Cl 1.

√ 24 Vdc, completed with on/off switch (with indication light), connections and fuse.

√ 0-21 mA, completed with setting 0-21 mA, step – button 4/8/12/16/20 mA and digital reading.

√ 0-20 PSI, completed with membrane pressure regulator, selection valve, (2) quick coupler connections and digital reading.

√ 0-100 PSI, completed with membrane pressure regulator, selection valve, (2) quick coupler connections and digital reading.


√ Control panel material: Stainless steel

√ Dimensions: (l) 365 x (w) 325 x (h) 630 mm 

√ Weight: 14 kg. 

√ Required connections: Compressed air 6-7 bar / 100 PSI. / Single phase electricity 220-240 V.

√ Accessories: The PP2 is completed with a set hoses, quick couplers and patch cords.

  Test- & Assembly Clamp HVC-1      

The HVC-1 is a robust and easy operated clamping system for (dis)assembling, stroking (adjusting) and low pressure testing of flanged / waver type (Control) valves. The HVC-1 is commonly used in the valve assembly or valve repair workshop.

The pneumatic operated 2-Claw clamping system generates a maximum clamping force of 1000 kg / 1 ton and is suitable for the range: 1/2" - 4" (others available on request).

The pedestal mounted HVC-1 clamping table is completed with a centre test connections and O-ring grooves for the full range in both ANSI / DIN flanges. ¼" connector, filter / strainer unit and 145 PSI pressure gauge.