Test Units for Cryogenic Valves    
  Cryogenic test units for testing valves within the temperature range of ambient to -385⁰F / -196 ⁰C, according to the ISO15848, BS 6364 and Shell MESC SPE 77/306 standards / directives.

The available (main) features are:

√ One or a series of SS 316 – insulated test tanks.
√ Designed and equipped for fully submerging the valve or Liquid Nitrogen spray – cooling system.
√ Complete body- & bi - directional seat test system for testing with Helium / Nitrogen gas.
√ Set of (5 pcs) thermocouples.
√ Flow (seat) leakage measuring system.
√ Computer registration system for visualizing the test data, storing the test results and printing a full size test certificate.
√ Helium leak detection system (Mass Spectrum meter).
√ Helium / Nitrogen booster system for generating a test pressure up to 10,000 PSI.
√ Complete safety closure (test room) with interlock on the access doors, overhead crane, ventilation system, Oxygen sensors and camera system.