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Industrial valves and Pressure Relief Valves are final process elements and play a key role in the operation of every continuously generating (petro)chemical process or power plant.

They block the pressure, regulate the fluid or protect the process plant. Plant efficiency is directly affected by the non-performance of valves (e.g. valve output, reliability and availability).  In fact, 50% to 60% of the fugitive emissions of industrial process plants are caused by leaking valves. A long and reliable working effect starts by selecting and sizing the right valve for each specific application. Then, the integrity, reliability and safety are only warranted when valves are given the right treatment.

The Ventil Valve Academy is the guide to understanding valves, the process of selection, maintenance and repair.

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As our industry evolves, knowledge and hands-on experience becomes crucial. The Ventil Valve Academy is addressing this need through a variety of ‘brand neutral’ valve training courses. The training courses have a great practical character and are available from the Ventil e-learning platform or conducted as instructor-led classroom training at your facilities.

Our mission is to build valve professionals by delivering learning and development when, where and how the customer needs it. The class room courses are ‘brand neutral’ and are available in different levels. The courses can be tailored to your experience, job role and specific application.



The Ventil e-learning platform enables individuals to start their learning journey, anytime, anywhere at any location.

The optimally timed modules provide an in-depth knowledge about valves. The modern and intuitive e-learning platform guides the trainee through the steps of the course. The knowledge and progress is assessed by questions and a final exam.

When successfully finished, a personal certificate is issued and the trainee can move to the next specific course. During the training the Ventil Valve Academy expert panel is available to give guidance and answer questions.


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As a Ventil Valve Academy trainee, you have unlimited access to our valve expert panel.

The Ventil Valve Academy expert panel is dedicated to provide the highest quality and ‘brand neutral’ information. The course information undergoes continuous improvement, based on new developments and changes in Codes, Standards, Regulations and Recommended Practices.


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